UL247 Printer

UL247 Printer

June 6, 2018

United Label & Sales Co.


The UL247 is a user friendly, versatile desktop printer with a small footprint. It has a 4.25" print width and is able to print on a 13 mil thickness pot tag/pot stake in addition to printing slip on tags (4 or 5 wide) and a number of different label sizes on weatherproof or paper material and small signage. It is capable of holding a large stock roll of these printing materials on an external supply holder, unusual to most desktop printers this size.

The UL247 is capable of printing clear bar codes, QR codes and other graphics. It is a viable option for smaller grow operations currently only needing to label or bar code plants. Dispensaries may benefit from this printer as well for the labeling of products/ingredients/potency measurements. The ULCLNX does all of this while it is recommended and rated for a higher printing volume.

All printers have USB as a standard connection, with an option of Ethernet.

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