March 14, 2019

Kushy Punch

CBD Edibles

KushyPunch has long been one of California's most beloved and widely used cannabis brands. Since first launching in 2014, the company's little 100mg fruit gummies have become a firm favorite with medical and recreational patients looking for science-forward consistency and mind-blowing potency.

KushyCBD is the company's cannabidiol (CBD) brand which delivers the finest oil and the most effective delivery methods available. Harnessing a cannabinoid and terpene-rich full-spectrum CBD oil and organic, natural ingredients, KushyCBD’s product line is extremely versatile and delivers the quality consumers expect from the Kushy brand. The line features a delicious CBD peach gummy (100mg), a sleek all-in-one CBD vape (175mg), a CBD vape cartridge (650mg), omega-3 rich CBD capsules (30 x 30mg), pure CBD oil (600mg), and a mango CBD tincture (450mg).

To stock KushyCBD in your store or dispensary, contact info@kushycbd.com.