Kashmir Organic Hemp and Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tubes

Kashmir Organic Hemp and Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tubes

May 14, 2018

Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc.


Kashmir Pre-Rolled Tubes are 100-percent organic, unbleached, made in the USA, easy to load and priced at only $1.99 per tube pack. 

“While cones are a popular alternative to papers,” said Tom Burns of Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc., “they still leave a lot to be desired by dedicated smokers. We’ve addressed all of the concerns with Kashmir Pre-Rolled Tubes.”

Kashmir Pre-Rolled Tubes start with the highest quality, 100-percent Organic Hemp and Unbleached papers, for a clean, satisfying smoke. But what makes Kashmir Tubes truly unique is the comfortable, easy-flow tip that eliminates the cardboard taste and soggy ends. With Kashmir Tubes, you get a natural, clean-tasting smoke.  Period. Kashmir Pre-rolled Tubes and Rolling Papers are proudly made in the USA.