Metered Dosage Vaporizer

Metered Dosage Vaporizer

May 3, 2019


The proprietary metered vape pen technology measures the precise dose—down to the milligram—of THC delivered with every draw. As a person inhales, their dosage is shown in real-time on an LED display that ranges from .05 mg to 4 mg, creating an individualized, controlled cannabis vaping experience.

The Indose vaporizer features two proprietary sensors which take 10 measurements per second to calculate the precise milligrams of THC and CBD being inhaled by the user. This dosage is presented on the device in real time via an easy to read LED display. Whereas less sophisticated dosage-driven vapes deliver a “standard dose” between 2 and 3 mg, Indose allows users to micro-dose in .05 mg increments.

The vaporizer retails for less than $70, is recyclable and comes paired with some of the world’s top cannabis oil brands—further customizing the experience. Indose is currently available in select pilot dispensaries in California and will announce a large-scale distribution partnership this summer.