GoFire Smart Metered-Dosing Convection Vaporizer

GoFire Smart Metered-Dosing Convection Vaporizer

May 31, 2018



GoFire is a smart metered-dosing convection vaporizer with a monitoring app to personalize plant-based medicine. Focused on alternative medicines, GoFire wants to provide individuals with customized doses to address their needs and ensure consistent results.

With a dedicated team of pharmaceutical, med-tech and big data executives, GoFire developed the micro-dosing technology to enable precise control of concentration levels. This is done with metered increments through a SMART vaporizer and app system to provide, monitor and track levels and results.  GoFire’s innovative platform includes:

  • SMART Dosing Vaporizer

-Dose control through a smart convection vaporizer allows patients to control their experience with plant-based medicine.

-Features SMART Cartridge technology and material versatility (loose-leaf, extract, cartridge).

  • Dose-Monitoring App

-GoFire’s app allows patients to see how much and what they are putting into their body.  The tracking system allows for consistent results and understanding how each individual feels after each use.

  • HIPPA Compliant Patient Cloud

-Care plan coordination.

-Physical information sharing.

GoFire plans to reshape the alternative medicine sphere by providing reliable and effective methods to benefit from the vast array of plant-based medicines. The device is available now for pre-sale, with a Colorado retail launch expected in late summer 2018.