Gem Line Cartridges

Gem Line Cartridges

August 7, 2018

Eden Extracts
Concentrates Vapes

The Gem Line cartridges retail for $30, making it a great entry-level product for newer cannabis consumers and for budget-conscious consumers who still want a high-quality and consistent vaping experience. The carts contain the same high-quality distillate found in the brand’s premium Diamond Line products, but without the customized features of the cartridge.

Eden Extracts sources all of its flower from local farms in Northern California who are focused on purity and green standards. The company has stood out with one of the best distillates in the industry for its clarity--clarifying the oil through a proprietary extraction process, triple distilling, charcoal filtering, and attention to detail that goes above the required standards.

Gem Line carts are available in the following strains: Tahoe OG, Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream, Green Crack, GDP, Jack Herer, Blackberry Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Afgoo, and GG#4. Eden Extracts retailer locations can be found at