Diamond Cartridge and Battery

Diamond Cartridge and Battery

March 21, 2018

Eden Extracts

Accessories Concentrates Vapes

A vape pen that delivers a sleek, modern look along with high-potency oil.

  • Quartz Glass - strong and very clear
  • Japanese Organic Cotton - ensures pure, clean and crisp flavor
  • Ceramic Heating Element - for most effective heating
  • 510 thread 
  • Side Vents - maximizes airflow for a better vape experience
  • Chrome Plated Alloy on the customized mouthpiece - more durable
  • Clear, pesticide-free distillate (oil) in the cartridge
  • Strain-Specific Cannabis-Derived Terpenes - extracted straight from the source
  • Charcoal Filtered - captures any impurities

Cartridge: $25 - .5 gram
Battery: $15