Interactive Cannabis State Legalization Map

The interactive cannabis legalization map allows professionals in the cannabis industry to see the legislative status of cannabis across the U.S., including proposed legislative changes, cannabis laws by state, and the latest, most relevant news in every state in the country.

Using it is a simple as clicking your mouse. Simply drag your cursor over the state you want to learn more about, click anywhere on the state, read the quick summary, and follow the latest story link to find out more.

Give it a try, and remember to check back in regularly, as it will be updated constantly as the American cannabis landscape continues to evolve. This map was last updated after the November 2020 election, when the number of states where marijuana is legal increased to 15 adult-use/recreational states and 36 medical states. 


Teal: Pending legislative changes

Green: Fully legalized

Yellow: Medical only

Purple: CBD only

BlueDecriminalized without a legal program

Red: No legal program