Vireo Health Acquires Baltimore Dispensary with Plans to Continue Rebrand in Maryland
Courtesy of Goodness Growth

Vireo Health Acquires Baltimore Dispensary with Plans to Continue Rebrand in Maryland

The Maryland Green Goods rebranding picks up where the company started its efforts in Minnesota.

July 21, 2021

Last year, Vireo Health began rebranding its Minnesota dispensary locations as Green Goods, part of a broader pivot to its new corporate name: Goodness Growth. The move further honed the company’s commitment to strong medical-focused cannabis branding, with an emphasis on patient education and a new look to complement its messaging.

That work continued earlier this year in Frederick, Md., where the Green Goods brand rolled out to another patient base—and it will now sweep into Baltimore, where Vireo Health recently acquired the Charm City Dispensary.

CEO Kyle Kingsley said that Vireo’s footprint in the Maryland market makes for a prime rebranding opportunity. The company is intent on maintaining its standing on the medical side of the industry, and the fresh look will speak to that.

“The Vireo brand is going to remain the best-in-class medical cannabis brand,” Kingsley said. “That's not going to change. The Vireo brand and products will persist. They’re perceived as quite medicalized, and it’s going to stay that way. In additional to what you have, some of the more adult-use-leaning brands, Vireo is going to be the stalwart medical brand.”

The company is also vertically integrated in Maryland now, which allows management to effectively maintain control on a brand overhaul.

“Wholesale is never guaranteed, and it's nice to have your own retail apparatus when you're talking about the amounts of biomass that we're bringing to bear,” he said. “We’re going to have an amazing array of genetics on the flower side, and 185,000 total square feet of production capacity, coupled with a substantial manufacturing apparatus in Hurlock, or our old joint processing-cultivation facility. We will be one of the most substantial players in the state on the biomass production and manufacturing side.”

That translates to a strong retail presence in the new Green Goods era.

Looking ahead, Vireo will continue to scout acquisition opportunities and additional retail locations in Maryland. The company can run up to four dispensaries in the state, and Kingsley says a bit of expansion is certainly a major goal.