Treez Software Partners with Tevano Kiosk Payment Systems

The self-service kiosk provider can be integrated with Treez for an improved cannabis retail experience.

December 18, 2018

OAKLAND--PRESS RELEASE--Treez, an enterprise software system for the cannabis industry, has announced its partnership with Tevano Payment Systems. Tevano is a retail kiosk provider that builds touchscreen hardware designed to expedite the in-store fulfillment flow by capturing orders, processing payments and dispensing change without employee intervention. Treez’s partnership with Tevano marks a major milestone for the company by delivering on their vision to usher in the next era of modern and decentralized cannabis retail.

The integration of Treez software in Tevano kiosks offers customers a more efficient, interactive ordering experience that encourages hands-on shoppers to browse the menu at their own pace, place express orders and process cash or debit payments without having to wait in line. Tevano kiosks are built for speed and efficiency, and because Treez is a provider for high-volume operators, this partnership merges a like-minded approach to increasing throughput, reducing overhead and curating a memorable retail experience.

“A decentralized point of sale (POS) model is the future vision of Treez for retailers, and this partnership gets us one step closer to making that a reality,” said Treez CEO John Yang. “With Tevano, Treez operators can reap the benefits of a self-service debit and cash payment system, which eliminates cash discrepancies and theft and empowers sales associates to spend more time with customers who need more one-on-one attention."

Tevano’s self-service payment system ensures cash remains secure at all times, while its integration with Treez POS provides compliant, intuitive and unique sales solutions for dispensary operations nationwide. The marriage of Treez POS and Tevano kiosks allows cannabis retailers to surface more actionable insights and ensures operators nationwide are capable of remaining compliant in a quickly evolving regulatory landscape.

“We wanted to partner with a proven industry leader as this vertical continues to flourish,” said Matt Lynch at Tevano. “Our goal is to connect customers with the tools they need to create their own, distinct retail experience. These days, it’s hard for brick-and-mortar locations to rely solely on the over-the-counter exchange because the modern shopper is busier and craves more self-driven, digital options. Beyond servicing the customer with the ultimate engaging shopping experience, our kiosks improve workload efficiency, prevent shrinkage and maximize earning potential.”

Treez launched in 2016 and services licensed dispensaries throughout California, managing nearly $1B in sales transactions annually. Treez continues to push the boundaries of the cannabis retail environment thanks to its commitment to creating a more modern, integrated cannabis ecosystem.

The technology will be available to retailers in all legalized states as early as February 2019.