Tikun Olam Expands Footprint in California By Partnering with MedMen

Tikun's Heirloom Israeli strains are now available in tincture, topical and vape products at 11 California MedMen locations.

September 18, 2019

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 17, 2019) -- PRESS RELEASE -- Tikun Olam, an international cannabis brand which first became available in California earlier this year as TIKUN, has partnered with a U.S. cannabis retailer, MedMen, to expand its retail presence in California through the roll-out of a curated selection of Tikun products at 11 California MedMen locations.

Tikun Olam is the first supplier of medical cannabis in Israel. Built on more than a decade of clinical research, Tikun has garnered a global reputation for excellence by cultivating proprietary high-quality Israeli cannabis strains, several of which will now be sold at all MedMen stores throughout California, that show clinical efficacy in providing symptomatic relief for a wide variety of conditions.

The three Heirloom Israeli Tikun strains now available in tincture, topical cream, and vape products at 11 California MedMen stores include:

  • Alaska (Sativa) -- A high-THC sativa, great for daytime use and seasoned cannabis consumers. May help stimulate appetite, relieve anxiety, nausea and vomiting, and alleviate symptoms related. Also an appropriate treatment of severe pain, depression and fatigue.
  • Avidekel (Indica) -- A unique indica-dominant strain, composed of high levels of CBD, which may be helpful for alleviating symptoms of auto-immune diseases like ALS, MS, ASD and arthritis. It also helps with epilepsy and convulsions.
  • Midnight (Sativa) -- A sativa-dominant strain that is good for daytime and nighttime consumption. It may help with mild pain, gastro diseases like Crohn's and colitis, fibromyalgia, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and PTSD.

“It’s a privilege to offer our premium cannabis products statewide through such a prestigious retailer in the industry as MedMen,” said president of Tikun CA, Rami Vardi. “We have been working to expand our reach in California as part of a greater effort to make our medically-backed cannabis products available to more consumers. Through this partnership with MedMen and their various platforms, Tikun CA has proudly achieved that.”

For a list of the California MedMen locations where Tikun products are currently available visit www.MedMen.com/stores. For a list of dispensaries beyond MedMen where Tikun products can be found, visit www.tikunolamusa.com/locations.