Las Vegas Dispensary Donating to Cancer Patients

The Sanctuary becomes the first dispensary in the 2021 Southern Nevada Cancer Relay.


LAS VEGAS, July 15, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – It is no secret that people turn to cannabis for many forms of cancer. Dispensaries providing said cannabis to patients is nothing new, either. But a Las Vegas dispensary is taking a new “step” in providing relief to cancer patients.

The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary has two dispensary locations in Las Vegas. 

The Sanctuary cannabis dispensaries, in the heart of the Arts District near the Las Vegas Strip, is leading a team to run in the Southern Nevada Relay to benefit cancer patients. With the help of the American Cancer Society, The Sanctuary joins the Relay for Life event in helping millions of Americans and their families through the most difficult news of their lives; and after a year where public events came to a screeching halt, the Sanctuary team is not just happy to be back with the community, but doing so to raise funds for those in need—the very goal for which The Sanctuary was built on.

Dr. Pejman Bady, the founder of Sanctuary and a local family doctor, got into the cannabis business after his mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. She was given six months to live but thanks to medicinal cannabis, his mother lived for another six years. Much like in recent years, the correlation between cancer and cannabis has become more and more prevalent. As more legalizations and adult cannabis use take place, we have more evidence to support that semi-frequent usage (i.e., smoking) of cannabis has been linked to reducing certain types of cancer with virtually no long-term respiratory damage, unlike tobacco.

The Sanctuary, originally a medicinal dispensary, operates on this principle and continues to support the cancer community, and hopes to inspire the local cannabis community to make charitable contributions in the fight against this global epidemic. Much like the relay, The Sanctuary recognizes that everyone has some kind of connection to cancer and that even the smallest steps are still moving forward.