Cannabis Concentrate Maker The Clear Leaps Into CBD Market with Non-Psychoactive Vape Pens

The Clear CBD is winning awards with a flavorful new product line for health-conscious consumers.

July 11, 2018
Press Release

DENVER—July 11, 2018—PRESS RELEASE—Consumers are increasingly seeking cannabinoid products centered around wellness benefits without "the high," with 171-percent growth in non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) extract products in 2017, according to sales-tracking firm BDS Analytics. Now The Clear, a THC concentrate brand, has launched a CBD-specific line of vape pens, and the concentrate is already winning awards.

The Clear has taken years of knowledge and experience in maintaining compliance with state laws for medical and adult-use cannabis to bring a non-psychoactive, hemp-derived concentrate to consumers beyond these markets. With products backed by patented technology and peerless device design, The Clear has generated major customer loyalty as well as awards from the industry for enduring product quality and effectiveness.

The Clear was recently honored in the 2018 Rooster Magazine “710 Showdown” with a second-place award in the CBD concentrate category.

The science-based, lab-tested CBD products made by The Clear have been available on a trial basis in Arizona, California and Colorado, with excellent sales results. Global distribution partners will soon expand availability to other markets in North America, Europe and Japan—and then farther into Asia and beyond.

“Our mission at The Clear is to ensure everyone has access to reliable, risk-free, pure cannabinoid extracts,” said Justin Pentelute, CEO of Batmann Consulting, Master Licensor of The Clear. “Making our technology available with vaporizable CBD for those who want to benefit from this hemp-derived compound without getting high or ingesting smoke is crucial to carrying out this mission.”

Providing a safe, clean CBD concentrate product starts with using only organic, certified U.S.-grown hemp. Then, The Clear uses state-of-the-art processing equipment to produce the purest CBD isolate available, testing at 99.9 percent CBD. The CBD cartridges are made with the same precision as the industry-leading hardware and technology that have gone into The Clear THC products. The Clear works with industrial grade hemp cultivators and world-class processing laboratories to ensure that only the best CBD isolate is used with our products, no THC, no psychoactive effects. 

With more absorption of active CBD per gram of exposure, The Clear CBD isolate is the most effective way to consume CBD today. 

Consumers can trust the consistency of The ClearTM CBD vaporizer cartridges: Every complete inhalation will always draw approximately 10mg of CBD.

The flavorful options for CBD cartridges are Blueberry, Grapevine, Lemon Lime, Orange Creme, Potent Pineapple and Strawberry. Each flavor variety is integrated in-house from steam-distilled, naturally derived plant terpenes and compounds. 

The Clear brings five years of experience in providing high-quality, enjoyable and effective experiences to consumers with its original THC products, setting the standard for excellence and exploration in the industry. The golden, potent and pure cannabis THC oil is available in cartridges, syringes and honey buckets. 

Photo courtesy of The Clear