Terrapin Care Station Suspends 420 Activities

The Boulder, Colo.-based cannabis company is postponing all 420 promotions, sponsorships and events amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


BOULDER, COLO. — March 31, 2020 — PRESS RELEASE — Boulder, Colo.-based cannabis company Terrapin Care Station is postponing all 420 promotions, sponsorships and events in an effort to do its part amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Terrapin made the decision to postpone all activities related to the unofficial cannabis holiday to encourage social distancing and self-isolation during this time of uncertainty. The April 20th 420 “holiday” is normally an opportunity for cannabis companies and consumers to get together and celebrate progress made on the legalization front. But with Colorado Gov. Jared Polis pushing a #DoingMyPartCO campaign, in which people are encouraged to make sacrifices in the fight against COVID-19, Terrapin felt it was prudent to suspend any 420-related marketing activities. The company will re-evaluate plans after stay-at-home orders are lifted and health officials believe we have turned the corner in the fight against the virus. 

“Now is the time for us to do our part. That means making sacrifices,” said Chris Woods, owner and chief executive of Terrapin Care Station, which has six cannabis storefronts in Colorado. “We understand that 420 is a time of celebration for all that we have accomplished in our efforts to end cannabis prohibition. But there is a bigger battle at our doorsteps today, and we must do our part to control the spread of this deadly virus. We hope that by suspending 420-related marketing, people will be encouraged to social distance this April.”

Cannabis companies have been allowed to remain operational as a “critical” service in Colorado and in most legal marijuana states. In Denver, Mayor Michael Hancock flirted with the idea of closing cannabis companies. But the order spurred panic buying, which defeated the purpose of social distancing as hundreds flocked to cannabis stores to stock up. The prohibition in Denver lasted just over two hours before the mayor rolled back the proposal, allowing cannabis stores to remain operational.

As an industry, cannabis businesses have quickly adjusted operating procedures to allow for curbside pickup and online ordering; Terrapin Care Station has adjusted shift schedules to encourage employees to stay home if they’re not feeling well or to care for a loved one; increased sanitization procedures; mandated hand-washing and wearing personal protective equipment; and the team constantly pushes social distancing for customers and employees, to name a few adjustments. As a company, Terrapin Care Station wanted to do more to encourage people to self-isolate and social distance. Suspending 420 activities is just one additional step.

Recognizing that many are experiencing economic hardship and job loss stemming from COVID-19, Terrapin is offering discounts on products. The Terrapin Relief Package will see discounts of at least 20 percent on some products during the month of April. We have also been offering discounts on cannabis consumption accessories in the wake of COVID-19. Instead of sharing pre-rolls and consumption glassware and apparatuses, Terrapin Care Station is encouraging its customers to puff, puff—don’t pass.

“We have made great progress as an industry. Just the fact that we have been deemed an essential service during this outbreak is further evidence of our evolution,” Woods added. “But that didn’t come without work and determination. We won hearts and minds by leading by example and acting responsibly. Suspending 420 and encouraging individual cannabis use is simply an extension of our efforts to lead by example."