How Did 4/20 Stack Up for springbig Dispensaries?

Between all 12 million texts sent by springbig retailers, a total of $37,777,675 was spent as a result of the promotions this year.


4/20 is the most notable day on the cannabis calendar, which makes it one of the most lucrative days for cannabis dispensaries. As a cannabis retailer, sales and customers acquired on that day can carry you through the rest of the year. Because of this, making sure your dispensary performs well on 4/20 is crucial. 

This year, springbig retailers sent over 12 million text messages on 4/20 alone -- that’s a 200% increase over our usual daily average of about 4 million. Altogether, these SMS marketing campaigns boasted some impressive stats, but how did it pay off for dispensaries using springbig?


Between all 12 million texts sent by springbig retailers, a total of $37,777,675 was spent as a result of the promotions. These promotions also encouraged a huge amount of reward redemptions, with over 42,371 reward redemptions on 4/20 alone. springbig dispensaries saw a whopping 416,339 visits as a result of these promotions with an average transaction size of $90.74.

These numbers are even more impressive when compared to last year. Total sales increased by an impressive 99.28%, total visits increased by 89.37%, basket size increased by 5.23%, and the total number of texts sent increased by 99.28%. Overall, springbig retailers smoked the competition on 4/20 and were able to put up some extremely impressive numbers. 



What’s behind these stats?

springbig’s full suite of marketing, loyalty, compliance, and customer experience tools. When it comes to digital marketing, springbig has the industry’s most advanced text message marketing capabilities, with more than 20 automated workflows, automated compliance features dynamic to each state and province and much more. It’s no wonder 12 million texts were sent in one day!

That’s not to mention our free and fully customizable loyalty platform included with our SMS engine. springbig’s tiered, points-per-dollar-based loyalty program platform helps dispensaries keep their loyal customers coming back for more, and rewards these customers with amazing deals that will make them customers for life with ever-increasing CLTV.

When it comes to customer experience, springbig’s Budtender customer feedback solution is ready to help you improve dispensary operations with customizable customer surveys and incentive programs.

The kicker? That’s not all springbig has to offer. From dedicated account managers to countless partnerships and integrations with POS and eCommerce leaders, springbig has what dispensaries need to succeed not only on 4/20 but every day. Want to see for yourself? Schedule a demo today