Rhode Island Cannabis Workers Unionize

Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center in Portsmouth dispensary workers to unionize with United Food and Commercial Workers.



PORTSMOUTH, Rhode Island, April 5, 2021 - PRESS RELEASE - United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local Union 328 (UFCW) , which represents 11,000 Rhode Island and Massachusetts workers, announced that employees at Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center, a cannabis dispensary in Portsmouth, unionized, voting to join UFCW Local 328.

The newly unionized UFCW Local 328 Rhode Island cannabis workers at Greenleaf include budtenders, keyholders, online team members and delivery associates.

Greenleaf cannabis workers in Portsmouth released a joint statement: “We hope that through demonstrating our continued commitment to one another in organizing as workers that we can create some form of lasting change within Greenleaf that allows for better job security and more space for us to actually be heard. We are proud to become a part of the larger momentum being seen by workers to unionize that is taking place within the cannabis industry.”

Rhode Island cannabis workers at Greenleaf cited a wide range of factors that motivated them to unionize with UFCW Local 328.

UFCW Local 328 is working to unionize Rhode Island cannabis workers. Greenleaf has now become the second unionized cannabis business in Rhode Island and the first compassion center. UFCW Local 328 currently represents cultivation workers at Ocean State Cultivation Center in Warwick, Rhode Island, who unanimously ratified their first union contract in October 2020.

Cannabis Dispensary will be reaching out to Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center and others for more on unionization in Rhode Island.