Oregon Liquor Control Commission Will Host Cannabis Tracking System Training Classes

Oregon Liquor Control Commission Will Host Cannabis Tracking System Training Classes

The OLCC will also hold license renewal clinics and will announce rules updates.

January 15, 2018
Press Release

Portland, Oregon – The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will hold a series of information sessions, licensing renewal clinics, and Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) training classes for OLCC Marijuana Program licensees on Wednesday, January 24 and Thursday, January 25, 2018 at the Portland Expo Center, Building E-1.

UPDATE: OLCC Recreational Marijuana Information Program Postponed

Register for the information sessions, licensing clinics, and CTS classes here on the OLCC Eventbrite home page

Some programs are open to Oregon Department of Agriculture registrants, and Oregon Health Authority – Oregon Medical Marijuana Program registrants.

The Portland OLCC Program will be adjacent to the Cannabis Collaborative Conference at the Portland Expo Center but admission to the conference is NOT required to attend the OLCC programs. 

1.  The OLCC will offer informational sessions on:

  • Rules & Program update
  • Packaging & Labeling update
  • OLCC Hemp rules for transferring hemp to an OLCC processor
  • Misconceptions and Clarifications interpreting rules that can seem contradictory

2.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) will present an informational session on:

  • Pesticide Program update

3.  OLCC licensing staff will conduct license renewal clinics for existing licensees

4.  Metrc, Oregon's CTS provider, will provide:

  • Overview class for prospective and existing OLCC licensees and Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) registrants unfamiliar with CTS
    (the overview session will NOT include OHA OMMP policy or program information)
  • Advanced CTS training classes for existing OLCC licensees