Mosaic+ Brings a New Vibe to Oklahoma City
Courtesy of Mosaic+

Mosaic+ Brings a New Vibe to Oklahoma City

The dispensary features a podcast recording room and a design-forward focus on patient education.

May 25, 2021

Mosaic+ opened in late April in Oklahoma City, delivering an immersive retail experience to the booming medical cannabis market. The store comes from the team behind Resonant Cultivation in nearby Pauls Valley, Okla., and builds off the company’s focus on patient education.

mosaic dispensary
Courtesy of Mosaic+

Joe Hendrix, chief financial officer of Resonant Cultivation and Mosaic+, said that the plan was always to develop a vertical business in Oklahoma.  

“A lot of the research and guidance that we were provided by industry operators  in other states was that, long-term, vertical integration is going to be a hedge of success for companies—just to have your own outlet of product and in some way to be able to manage pricing fluctuations when the market changes,” he said.

It was important for the team to start with cultivation. Of Resonant’s four founders, two came to the company with deep experience in farming. In the company’s first years in business, Resonant has picked up a reputation in Oklahoma and on social media for nuanced craft cannabis and exciting genetics.

That foundation, Hendrix said, will translate to the customer experience in-house.

“[Developing Resonant Cultivation] allowed us to really focus the first phase on cultivation,” he said. “Get our organic style down and continue perfecting the process. We can build that brand reputation, and then from there pivot over into the retail side, which is what we we've done.”

The trick is that, three years into the Oklahoma medical cannabis market, there’s already a pretty full retail market in most bigger cities in the state. Patience became important. The team was looking for the right site, and restrictive regulations can make that a difficult task in any large city in the U.S.

They happened to find a location that would be a terrific fit. Situated between an independent record store and a vintage bar, Mosaic+ rests on a main street north of downtown OKC.

“We really found a spot that checked all the boxes for us and allowed us to be in a place where we think, long-term, we can build the foundation for success,” Hendrix said.

Inside, the patient experience is foregrounded with educational literature and easy-to-understand branding, as well as a rotating cast of fan-favorite products and newer offerings from around the state marketplace. Mosaic+ clearly segments its flower, edibles, topicals and concentrates to make the shopping experience comfortable for first-time and longtime patient consumers alike.

As a result of what was learned during the coronavirus pandemic, the Mosaic+ team made sure to install a walk-up window in the back parking lot. This allows patients to seek a more discreet option for their pickups or a more physically distanced option for those still interested in that type of transaction. Hendrix said it’s one of those things that might not have come through the retail strategy prior to 2020.

Another sign of the times: Mosaic+ includes a podcast room, which plays off the record store next door and ties in the vibrant music community of Oklahoma City. The podcast room is in “launch mode,” Hendrix said, offering the Mosaic+ team an opportunity to experiment with some fun side projects and content marketing.

“Touring artists can come through and experience Oklahoma City a little bit,” he said. “It may be a place for them to connect with some of their fans here locally—promoting shows and also creating great content that could be leveraged by our brands and disseminated to help other artists continue to grow.”