Diego Pellicer - Colorado Named “Retail Dispensary Of The Year” At Cannabis Business Awards 2017

Diego Pellicer - Colorado Named “Retail Dispensary Of The Year” At Cannabis Business Awards 2017

The dispensary also took home executive and employee top honors.

December 8, 2017

Denver (Dec. 8, 2017) – Diego Pellicer - Colorado, a Denver-based dispensary and brand licensee of Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc., won “Retail Dispensary of the Year” at the Cannabis Business Awards 2017 Thursday night. In addition to taking the highest honor in the competitive cannabis retail category, Diego Pellicer - Colorado employees took home “Executive of the Year,” “Manager of the Year” and “Budtender of the Year” during the ceremony held at the Denver Performing Arts Center, according to a press release. 

“From our retail environment to our knowledgeable employees, we work hard to elevate the marijuana shopping experience, our community and the industry,” said Neil Demers, CEO, Diego Pellicer – Colorado. “I’m beyond proud of the Diego Pellicer - Colorado team for their wins tonight. It’s an honor to work alongside some of the most creative and hard-working people to be found anywhere in the cannabis industry. They have helped me achieve my goals and I’m going to continue to help them achieve theirs.”

The Cannabis Business Awards honor cannabis professionals deserving of historical recognition and accolades for their innovation and success in the industry, celebrating outstanding achievements with industry game changers, trailblazers and cannabis thought leaders. Winners are selected by public vote in more than 30 different categories. The event was launched in 2012, the first year of legalization, in Colorado, the first state to legalize recreational cannabis. 

Taking home honors of “Executive of the Year,” Neil Demers, CEO, is an expert in all aspects of the cannabis industry including development, growth, execution, and compliance of marijuana retail stores, commercial grow warehouses, and large-scale edible/concentrate companies. Demers’ forward thinking and expertise in business, the cannabis space, and finance allow him to understand the changing landscape of the marijuana industry that has led to the success of Diego Pellicer - Colorado.

Nicholas Jack is honored with “Manager of the Year.” Jack has a vast knowledge of cannabis strains, their effects, proper dosages for patients, ingestion methods and state legislature/compliance. Diego Pellicer – Colorado employee Gladys Solis took home the 2017 “Budtender of the Year” award last night, due to her skills and knowledge in numerous facets of cannabis retail that have been honed by years of experience with administration, compliance and budtending in the industry.

Top image: © Weerapat Wattanapichayakul | Dreamstime