Diego Pellicer’s Denver Dispensary Blends Artistry With Retail Strategy

Diego Pellicer’s Denver Dispensary Blends Artistry With Retail Strategy

How can local art benefit your dispensary's brand?

March 9, 2018
Anne-Marie Hardie
Design State by State: Colorado

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Being an entrepreneur certainly has its perks. For one, it occasionally allows you the opportunity to creatively align your interests together into one business. For Neil Demers, the CEO of the Colorado-based dispensary Diego Pellicer, this meant that his shared passion for cannabis and the arts could combine to bring two communities together at the company’s Denver location.

By taking an artistic approach to the design and business model of the dispensary, Demers was able to move away from stereotypical visions of what a cannabis retailer might look like and include in its product offering.

“We found that customers are asking for a more comfortable and familiar shopping experience,” Demers says. He wanted to stand out by making Diego Pellicer an inviting and engaging place, and offer other ancillary purchase opportunities that spanned beyond clothing and accessories.

Commissioning an Artist, and Much More

Diego Pellicer is in a middle- to lower-class area of Denver, and buildings frequently fall victim to graffiti. Before its opening in February 2017, Diego Pellicer’s building boasted a massive wall on one of its sides, which made it vulnerable for tagging. Demers came up with a proactive idea to utilize the space creatively, but he needed a little help.

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Top photo courtesy of Diego Pellicer

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